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[Testimonial] Noelle, 25, marvelous and happy


testimonial coaching noelle
I haven’t post any article the last month to focus on building my website and my coaching practice.
Today, my first post is not from me. I’ve never given my pen to someone else on my blog before. I’ve requested some testimonials from my coachee. Noelle wrote me more than a testimonial. It is not easy to open your heart. So I want to thank Noelle for being so open to share her story, her struggles and her wins.
The best gift that I can ever receive from a coachee is when they break through their issues and beliefs and when they turn on their light to inspire others.

To You,
Dear Anna, dear All,

You know, sometimes in your life, you feel surrounded by (tough) events, events created by (tough) situations, situations created by your feelings about it. I will not put “tough” before feelings, as I don’t think there are tough emotions, it is more about intensity. At the end, the marvelous space and time effect make you conscious that when you feel intensely these emotions, you are just alive. One sometimes sees life as a circle. I would add that you should never forget that you are the center of this circle, and that nobody really settles the limits but you.
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