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What are your strengths?



Here is a short post to introduce you a useful personality test. In my process of self discovery, I’ve found the test called StrengthsFinder which is used by Facebook and other major companies in their recruitment process.

Usually recruiter asks “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” I’ve always had troubles to discover my strengths. It was not easy for me to answer. I’ve seen many people struggling with it. I was giving random strengths that are suitable in a corporate environment like “I have high expectations, I am serious and well organized”. I believed these were my strengths. But now that I know myself much better. To tell you the truth, I’m not that much organized or serious. I was forcing myself to adopt corporate behaviour.

StrengthsFinder test helps you to discover your strengths that can be used in your corporate life.
The results show your top 5 strength with some tips about how to maximize them in the corporate world. The tips are interesting because some strengths are more valuable in some positions or circumstances. For example, their advice for highly optimistic people is to work close to customers to influence them in a positive way or to use their strengths to set a high mood and a positive attitude in groups.

My Strengths

My results were:
– Optimism (94%)
– Faith (94%)
– Curiosity (94%)
– Salesmanship (88%)
– Innovation (88%)

When I discovered my strength, I thought: Optimism! What kind of a strength is that ?? It’s not an asset.” . I feel that people often react the same way, because they get used to live with their strengths to the point they are not conscious about them anymore. One of my colleagues told me that she would really like to have optimism as her strength. She wouldn’t be so gloomy then all the time.

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