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Overcoming the fear to change my job


fear to change job
For a long time I couldn’t make up my mind to move, change my job and change my life because I was afraid that I would lose my financial stability. This fear didn’t let me go until I thought it through.
To find my ideal job, first I’ve discovered myself, my passions and my dreams. Then, I finally admitted and understood that I wanted to become a life coach. I took action: I found and subscribed to my life coach training program last January. I will graduate in September. My plan was to quit my job after graduation.

Confronting my fear

By changing my job, I risk a lot: I lose my safe paycheck at the end of the month, my safe environment and my retirement plan (it sounds funny for me who could not plan anything a year ahead before, thinking about retirement). I have to make my way in a new career that I don’t know. I have to learn everything from the beginning. My engineering diploma, my resume, my past work experience… It took me years before having flourishing career, everything I have learned so far is no longer useful.

The fear of not being able to sustain in my new career was holding me back. With my current job in IT, I have my salary credited on my bank account monthly. But once I finish my training program and quit, what would happen? What if it doesn’t work? What if I can’t find any clients? What if….?
I could not ignore the risks. When I talk about it to my friends, the first questions they ask me are « How will you find your clients? » or « What if you don’t find any? ».
I was blinded by my fear. I didn’t even imagine how it would be once I quit my job. My fears suggested the worst scenarios: I end up living in the streets.

So I asked myself, what would REALLY happen in the worst case scenario?
– I don’t have enough client,
– I have no money,
– My business doesn’t work.
Pretty bad situation…
So now let’s imagine the worst case scenario happened. Having in mind my story, who I am and how I reacted before, what would I do?
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