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Building a safe place

I’ve organized my life to prepare myself in case if things would go wrong. I made my life a secure place with a well-paid job in an industry that hires a lot so I won’t have to worry about being unemployed. I’ve prepared myself to resist in difficult moments. I’ve created my bunker to protect myself from what can occur in my life. Of course, once I’ve found that secure place I was yearning for a life full of meaning and passion. I was expecting a change and something that would free myself from this lethargic life where each day seemed so similar to the hundred previous ones. My life seemed like a boat that would go through life with a minimal chance to sink in poverty or shame. This boat would have led boringly to the end of my life not having experienced some exciting days.

Waiting for the extraordinary life

I was hoping that something would happen to my life, that I would meet someone who would somehow reveal my unique talent. My life would tremendously change. But of course, it never happened. Nobody appeared and saved me from my own life. There was no god intervention to help me and put me in the spot light. I was waiting for some better days to arrive. I was hoping for a passionate life with amazing friends, amazing experiences… Life is not like a lottery. It’s not about waiting for the luck to come ring at your door. There are too many fairy tales where the princess is just waiting for a prince on his white horse to save her. The princess has nothing to do to make it happen. If you’re waiting to be saved by a prince or to win the lottery, you may wait for a long time.

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How to keep your new year’s resolutions

new year resolution


Happy New Year, everyone!

A new year is always a chance to do better than the previous year, to take on new challenges, to find new opportunities and to make some new resolutions. I often hear people saying that they don’t make new year’s resolutions but still they keep hoping for a better job, a better health, better relationships or simply a better life.

Choose your resolutions wisely
Picking few resolutions is better than many small where you would lose track of them. Prefer a resolution that would bring important and significant benefits in your life, something that really matters to you.

Choose a resolution to improve your life
Make the changes for your sake, to feel better, to respond an internal need. Don’t make changes because people wants/advise you to. Those kind of changes don’t stick and the chances of failure are much more important. Put your needs first. If people tell you to lose weight, to get a better job, I don’t tell you to not listen to them but take a resolution if you feel it is right for you.

Give up the “Should”
Don’t formulate your resolution in terms “I should….”. When you say “should” it’s already something that you don’t want to do. It’s hard for me to imagine myself committing to such a goal. I feel unmotivated and disempowered facing a “should”. It sounds like something you didn’t choose and people imposed it to you. Take the responsibility of your resolution. Formulate your resolution in an uplifting way, make them positive, fun, fulfilling, challenging or whatever that is more inspiring you.
I should lose 10 kilos => I want to be healthy and eat healthier
I should sleep earlier => I want to have more energy to achieve my goals
I should learn Japanese => I want to discover and have a better understanding of Japanese culture

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