Morning Pages

In the beginning of my self development process I wanted to embrace my creativity and the artist living within me . A coach advised me the book the Artist Way from Julia Cameron. The main topic of the book is morning pages. What are morning pages? The exercise is to write first thing in the […]

What are your strengths?

StrengthsFinder Here is a short post to introduce you a useful personality test. In my process of self discovery, I’ve found the test called StrengthsFinder which is used by Facebook and other major companies in their recruitment process. Usually recruiter asks “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” I’ve always had troubles to discover my strengths. […]

My mission : discover myself

Looking for who I am For a long time, I’ve been unsatisfied with my job. That frustration grew deeper and stronger, I was just living my frustration in many aspects of my life. I wanted to change and be more fulfilled by finding my perfect job/career, a job that would fit me and ultimately “make […]

Discovering myself

Looking for my true self This road towards my true self and my passions is incredibly beautiful. I’m discovering myself with brand new and genuine eyes. For too long, I’ve worn some sunglasses. Everything was darker than it really was. I’ve decided to take my glasses off and see with my own eyes. Everything, I […]