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My ideal job

When I began to look for my ideal job, I was driven by the fact that I could not bare it any longer to be in a job that was frustrating me. I was lost and very unsatisfied, so I wanted to change and be more fulfilled.

I wanted a job that would put a smile on my face when I woke up and one where I would be excited to begin everyday. I would be excited to do everything I like and be frustrated only because I wouldn’t have enough time in a day to enjoy my passions.
I was looking for an ideal job; a job that would fit me and would allow me to make a difference.

I didn’t know how to choose because I didn’t know who I was. What was my perfect career/job? What job would fit who I am?

The big puzzle

Discovering myself was like assembling a big puzzle. The small pieces of the puzzle are all the aspects of myself that I didn’t know and what I’ve since discovered during my self development journey. Each piece was hidden in me. I was collecting them through my self discovery day after day, little by little.
Once that puzzle assembled, I finally see who I am. Here are the pieces of puzzle I gathered in a chronological order. You can follow my self-discovery how I experienced it 🙂
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