J’ai décidé d’éteindre ma télé

Pour arrêter de procrastiner, avril dernier j’ai décidé d’éteindre la télé et de la mettre dans le placard. Chaque jour, je regardais des films ou la télé-réalité. Le soir en arrivant à la maison, la première chose, que je faisais, était d’allumer ma télé. Ce que tu vois et ce que tu vis formate ton […]

First little step

In October 2013, I told my boss I wanted to change my career. I knew it was a major step for me to admit what I wanted. The next step was to take actions and look for my passions. But my wedding was planned for mid 2014, I needed to focus on it. So I’ve […]

Bye bye television

To reduce my procrastination time, last April I’ve decided to switch off my TV and put it in the closet. Every day, I was watching movies or reality shows. As soon as I arrived home, the first thing I did was to switch on the TV. What you see and experience shapes your brain like […]