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Outil de développement personnel

Personality Test – MBTI (2/2)


MBTI personality test ENFP

ESFJ: The care giver

In my process to discover myself, I’ve decided to use the MBTI test which is a very popular test to discover your personality in 15 minutes.
I’ve taken the tests a long time ago in 2008 and then again last August 2014. My results was ESFJ but I didn’t feel comfortable with this type.
ESFJ like to cater and take care of others. Monica from the TV show Friends is a good example of ESFJ. I’m not anything like her. I don’t like to look after my guests; my husband is always the one cooking when we have friends over 😛

Let’s analyze my results :

Extravert 48%
I’m sure I’m an extravert. I express things without thinking first. My words are just coming out of my mouth. I’m quite comfortable anywhere as long as people are not too negative.
Sensing 3%
Funnily I have a very low score for sensing type. So it is advised to check the opposite type (intuition) in case if the score if lower than 5%.
Feeling 58%
I’m sure I am a feeling type of personality. Everything goes through emotions with me. The emotional aspect of my life is very important. I have troubles to rationalize situations.
Judging 15%
I doubted that I am a Judging type, I’m always late for meeting…. 😛 and I don’t have such an organized life. In the test, they ask if you respect deadline. I said yes because this is what I do at work but it doesn’t feel natural and I don’t feel comfortable with deadlines.

So I’m not an ESFJ. Which type am I then?

What do these 4 letters mean?

To understand further the acronyms, here are the rough description for each letter:

How you energize and interact with people

Extravert: you energize and focus on the outer world, prefer group activities, are energized by social interaction.
Introvert: you energize and focus in the inner world, prefer solitary activity, are drained by social interactions.
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Outil de développement personnel

Personality Tests – MBTI (1/2)

MBTI personality test


Who hasn’t done any personality test ? Everyone has done it at least once in their life in those magazines for girls compound of 10 light and funny questions to discover what type of lover you are 🙂 In France, those magazine are in every doctor’s waiting room. You can’t miss it. Even guys have done them.

The principles of the personality tests such as MBTI, enneagram, golden, true colors are more or less similar to the test in magazines except that the questions and the answers are less fun.

Those tests are used in leadership classes, in recruitment, “Bilan de competence” in France or simply to know your personality type. To obtain reliable results, the most difficult is to give answers in general case.

I really like MBTI. The results are very precise (as long as you give answers that reflect yourselves truly) and it is easy to find some free online tests. MBTI is very popular. The results are weird acronyms like ENTJ, ESTJ, ENFP, ISFP etc. They match personality types such as : executives, guardian, inspirer, artists…

In the United States, people are more familiar with MBTI. Almost everybody uses the acronyms like common names (go check on Twitter and look for any acronym given as an example.)
The descriptions for each type are very complete and neat. They cover: general personality, strength/weakness, relationship and career paths.

I took the MBTI test in my leadership class. I have a strong memory of that test because I learned a lot about my personality. My result was ESFJ “the provider”. It is a type who likes to take care of people and to make sure that people are well

Extravert / Introvert
Sensing / iNtuitive
Feeling / Thinking
Judging / Perception

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