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How I choose my life coach training program


Life Coach training program
Aaahhhh finally I made THE move on the road of becoming a life coach ! I chose my training program. It’s iPec!
I took a lot of time assessing programs. It’s an important investment and a major step in my career as a life coach. I have a strong will to become a successful life coach but I lack the coaching skills. It took me two months to choose the best program for me. When I asked classmates, it also took them a lot of time choosing it. So let me explain here how I choose my training program.

I was looking for a life coach training program. I was disappointed that all the coach training in France are dedicated to corporate and/or executive coaching only. I wanted to find a good reputation and serious program that would help me build up my coaching skills and help me to become a life coach. Almost everyday, during two months, I was gathering information. I’ve even built a spreadsheets to compare them! So lost 🙂

My criteria

I shortlisted:
Coach U,
Coaches Training Institute (CTI),
The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC),
Martha Beck Life Coach Training,
International Coach Academy (ICA).

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