I’m the ugly duckling who becomes a swan

Ugly Duckling

What I’m sharing today, I wrote in one breath on the 21st of October during my morning pages. I didn’t expect it to be so inspired. Words were flowing out. My throat was tight, my cheeks were warm, I could feel it in my whole body. My soul was all lighted up. I was looking […]

Je suis le vilain petit canard qui devient cygne

Ugly Duckling

Ce que je livre aujourd’hui, je l’ai écrit d’une traite le matin du 21 octobre 2014 durant mes mornings pages. Je ne m’y attendais pas mais j’ai été inspirée comme jamais. Les mots coulaient à flot. La gorge serrée, les joues chaudes, je le ressentais dans tout mon corps. Tout mon être était en ébullition. […]

Morning Pages

In the beginning of my self development process I wanted to embrace my creativity and the artist living within me . A coach advised me the book the Artist Way from Julia Cameron. The main topic of the book is morning pages. What are morning pages? The exercise is to write first thing in the […]