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I’m the ugly duckling who becomes a swan


ugly duckling becomes a swan

What I’m sharing today, I wrote in one breath on the 21st of October during my morning pages. I didn’t expect it to be so inspired. Words were flowing out. My throat was tight, my cheeks were warm, I could feel it in my whole body. My soul was all lighted up.

I was looking for my life purpose. I was looking for a more meaningful life and then I received this wonderful text. I was maybe channeling something higher than me. This text is about me but it is about each of us too. About our dreams, about what we want to bring to the world…
This text carries such a tremendous energy that every time I read it, it touches my heart and I cry.

I haven’t shared my story yet. It’s my first confession about who I am, where I’m from, who I became and who I want to be. I wasn’t born a life coach. No, it has always been easy in my life. I wasn’t much supported. I haven’t always had a supporting and loving family. But I overcame my struggles. I’ve grown and learned a lot. As of today, I want to help and inspire others.

It is not easy for me to write and put words on my emotions. Often times, words are stuck and won’t express. I dare express it today.
I didn’t change the text. It came from my mind and my heart.

What is my life purpose ?

I’m the ugly duckling who becomes a swan
The one who is among all the conversations
The one whom everybody thinks is wasting her life
The one who brings light
The one who is different
The one who dares and opens doors
The one who loves people who criticize her
The one who forgives and shows the path Continue Reading

Je suis le vilain petit canard qui devient cygne


Canard devient cygne

Ce que je livre aujourd’hui, je l’ai écrit d’une traite le matin du 21 octobre 2014 durant mes mornings pages. Je ne m’y attendais pas mais j’ai été inspirée comme jamais. Les mots coulaient à flot. La gorge serrée, les joues chaudes, je le ressentais dans tout mon corps. Tout mon être était en ébullition.

J’étais à la recherche de ma mission de vie. Je n’arrivais pas à trouver ce que je voulais faire de ma vie et j’ai reçu ce texte grandiose. Peut être que je canalisais quelque chose de plus grand que moi. Ce texte parle de moi mais je pense qu’il parle un peu de chacun de nous. De ces choses qu’on rêve d’accomplir, de ce qu’on veut apporter dans ce monde…
Ce texte porte une telle énergie qu’à chaque fois que je le lis j’en pleure.

Je n’ai pas encore pris le soin de raconter mon histoire. C’est une première confession de qui je suis, d’où je viens, ce que je suis devenue et ce que je veux devenir. Non, je ne suis pas née life coach. Non, tout n’a pas été facile. Mon fardeau a été lourd. Non, on ne m’a pas toujours soutenue. Je n’ai pas toujours eu une famille aimante, mais je me suis battue. J’ai grandi, j’ai beaucoup appris. Aujourd’hui je veux aider et inspirer les autres.

Il n’est pas facile pour moi d’écrire et de mettre des mots sur mes émotions. Ils restent souvent bloqués en moi. J’ose enfin les dire. Je n’ai pas changé le texte. Ça provient directement de mes pensées et de mon coeur.

Quel est ma raison d’être?

Je suis le vilain canard qui devient cygne
Celle dont tout le monde parle
Celle dont tout le monde pense qu’elle gâche sa vie
Celle par qui la lumière arrive
Celle qui porte la différence Continue Reading

Outil de développement personnel

Morning Pages

Morning Pages


In the beginning of my self development process I wanted to embrace my creativity and the artist living within me . A coach advised me the book the Artist Way from Julia Cameron. The main topic of the book is morning pages.

What are morning pages?

The exercise is to write first thing in the morning 3 pages longhand during 30 minutes . That’s it. It’s simple. You write everything that goes through your mind without holding yourself back. If you want to write “the wall is white”, just write it. The pages are not to be read to anyone or even yourself. Let go of your fears, don’t be scared to be judged, don’t bother to sound good. It doesn’t have to be meaningful. Write down your thoughts and put the words on paper.

How does it work?

When you have thoughts in your brain, they vanish as suddenly as they appear It is not easy to make constructive thinking. We are easily interrupted by some external factors. With morning pages what you write is not just endless words in your head anymore but they exist on a sheet of paper. It allows you to read your life, your opinion and what’s been spinning around in your head but you didn’t pay much attention to it before. Those thoughts are hints that may reveal what you want, who you are and your needs. Haven’t you notice that sometimes you feel blocked with a problem and as soon as you write the problem down, you gain more clarity?

“Morning pages leave no corner of our life unexamined. Our dreams, our hopes, our disappointments, our pains(…). A day at at a time. A page at a time, an issue at a time, we become intimate with ourselves.”
“We connect to our emotions and our intuitions”. – Julia Cameron

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