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First little step

First towards change

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In October 2013, I told my boss I wanted to change my career. I knew it was a major step for me to admit what I wanted. The next step was to take actions and look for my passions. But my wedding was planned for mid 2014, I needed to focus on it. So I’ve postponed the project to look for my passions after the wedding. I wanted to be committed to my self development. I knew it would take all my energy. I would need headspace for that. After the wedding, I still couldn’t take any actions.

First Step

As advised in the book Coach Yourself to Success , I have decided to look for a life coach to get some help. This task seemed utterly complicated to me because I would commit myself to the process of self development. It was unknown and out of my comfort zone. I was in a position where I knew what I didn’t want anymore but too scared to reach out and take responsibility for myself to improve my own life.

Until one day in August 2014, my husband gave me a reference of a coach in Paris that his colleague knew. Usually, when you face a difficult project it is advised to take one little step at a time. My little step was to send an email to that coach. It was just few lines. After the first email, the rest of the process came naturally. I couldn’t settle for a random coach. So I looked and contacted other coaches to compare. Soon, I had complimentary coaching sessions.

Change in action

To prepare myself for the coaching sessions, I felt that I needed to open my minded and gain confidence. I begun to read motivational and inspiring tips on self developments blogs and on Twitter. I’ve decided to tweet inspiring quotes @chenanna. This is how I gained energy and put myself in the right mindset to begin my self development. Continue Reading