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Why do I blog ?

reason I blog

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The beginning

It’s been a year I have realized I want to change my career. Since then, I’ve been looking for materials and help. I began to read self-help books and blogs to get inspired. I’ve been looking for people who are in the same place to talk and exchange about career transition. I was looking for blogs about people explaining how they change their career or their life. I couldn’t find any interesting or inspiring French blog about this topic.
For the first time, I thought it was a good idea to write my own blog and to talk about this journey. I’ve never had the need or the will to write about any topics before.

The goal of this blog is to track my progress in self-help and to discuss about what I learn in books/blogs/experience related to self-development.

Name of the blog

I call this blog “Do what you love” because it’s a popular quote that resonates in me. For too long, I’ve taken the decisions based on the wrong reasons. I’ve chosen my career because it was easy for me, because my university was prestigious, because you can get a good salary, because it was easy to get a job etc. The right reason is to choose what I love/like/interests me. Whether choosing a career, a boyfriend, a friend, a movie to watch, clothes to wear whatever in life, now I’ve decided to choose what I love/like/makes me smile/pleases me !

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