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Personality Test – MBTI (2/2)


MBTI personality test ENFP

ESFJ: The care giver

In my process to discover myself, I’ve decided to use the MBTI test which is a very popular test to discover your personality in 15 minutes.
I’ve taken the tests a long time ago in 2008 and then again last August 2014. My results was ESFJ but I didn’t feel comfortable with this type.
ESFJ like to cater and take care of others. Monica from the TV show Friends is a good example of ESFJ. I’m not anything like her. I don’t like to look after my guests; my husband is always the one cooking when we have friends over 😛

Let’s analyze my results :

Extravert 48%
I’m sure I’m an extravert. I express things without thinking first. My words are just coming out of my mouth. I’m quite comfortable anywhere as long as people are not too negative.
Sensing 3%
Funnily I have a very low score for sensing type. So it is advised to check the opposite type (intuition) in case if the score if lower than 5%.
Feeling 58%
I’m sure I am a feeling type of personality. Everything goes through emotions with me. The emotional aspect of my life is very important. I have troubles to rationalize situations.
Judging 15%
I doubted that I am a Judging type, I’m always late for meeting…. 😛 and I don’t have such an organized life. In the test, they ask if you respect deadline. I said yes because this is what I do at work but it doesn’t feel natural and I don’t feel comfortable with deadlines.

So I’m not an ESFJ. Which type am I then?

What do these 4 letters mean?

To understand further the acronyms, here are the rough description for each letter:

How you energize and interact with people

Extravert: you energize and focus on the outer world, prefer group activities, are energized by social interaction.
Introvert: you energize and focus in the inner world, prefer solitary activity, are drained by social interactions.
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