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Outil de développement personnel

Exprime ton rêve


exprime ton reve

Au fond du coeur

Vas y dis le

Ce que tu as enfoui au fond de ton coeur depuis bien trop longtemps.
Ce que tu as envie de dire au monde entier.
Que ce soit dans l’oreille d’un confident ou de ta meilleur amie.

Dis le

Que ce soit ton rêve le plus fou
Que tu aies envie de faire le tour du monde, de faire de ta passion ton métier, d’être une artiste reconnue internationalement, de publier ton premier livre, d’améliorer le monde, d’être champion sportif…

Dis le

Qu’est-ce que tu veux vraiment?
Commence par le dire à toi-même droit dans les yeux.
La première chose à faire est de te l’avouer à toi-même.

Combien de temps encore tu vas supporter cette situation? Pourquoi il faudrait vivre pour faire un métier qui te plait qu’à moitié, payer des factures et laisser la vie te filer entre tes doigts?

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one. ― John Lennon

Commence par dire ce que tu as vraiment envie :

  • Pas ce que tu ne veux plus, pas ce qui est bien, pas ce qui est cool, pas ce qui est possible.
  • Mais ce que tu veux vraiment.
  • Ce qui te fait chavirer le coeur et te fait trembler d’excitation à la fois.
  • Ce rêve tellement grand qui te fait peur.
  • Ce rêve que tu ne t’autorises pas.
  • Ce rêve qui n’est pas raisonnable, qui te parait tellement impossible.

Oui je parle de ce rêve là

Je sais que ça fait peur. Parfois même, c’est une envie folle que tu gardes en toi.

Mais dis le. Dis ta vérité

Celle qui te brule langue. Celle qui te tiens éveillée la nuit.

Celle que tu penses que les autres vont se moquer de toi si tu oses le dire.
Et si ce n’était pas vrai ? Et s’il y a en avait d’autre comme toi? Si en le disant, tu permettais aux autres de le dire aussi ?

Et si les gens étaient prêts à entendre tes désirs les plus profonds ?

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Farewell letter of a life coach


Farewell letter life coach

After my farewell party, I read one last time the letter I prepared then I pressed the SEND button.
I wanted my colleagues to understand why I was quitting and why I chose to become a life coach.

How do I share bring my personal story in the corporate world, share what i’ve been through with my colleagues, give them a glimpse of my story, what is going on and what’s coming next for me in few words…
That was not an easy task. How do I remove the mask we wear in the corporate world and show up authentically?

My Farewell Letter

«  I feel emotional when I write this letter. I didn’t think it would be so hard to quit. I don’t quit a company but I’m leaving amazing people. Smiles in the corridor, people I had more than a coffee break with, people with whom I had meaningful talks, people I imagine new possibilities for the world we are living in….
Yes, I will miss people from [my company]. They are open and ready to take on new challenges. Today, I take on a new challenge : I’m becoming a Life Coach.
It took me years to admit that I didn’t like my job, one year to take the decision to actively look for my passions, few months to find my passion and few more months to dare to start living it. This is where I am. I am writing my farewell letter…
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Life coach

How to choose a life coach


After I wrote an email to a life coach that my husband referred to me, I decided to meet different life coaches so I could compare their methods. I’ve talk to 6 life coaches and had several free coaching session to try. So let me explain how I choose my life coach.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is professional who will help you to achieve your goals and to create positive changes in your life (in relationships, life balance, time management, careers and so on) by helping you to discover yourself, by uncovering what’s holding you back, by challenging you to think bigger and by taking on real and concrete actions in your life.

Where to look for a life coach ?

Where? what are the criteria? I’ve never done that before and I’ve never heard of that. I asked my friend Google: Life coach Paris or coach de vie Paris. He didn’t find any interesting results.
Coaching/self development blog often advise to pick a coach who is credentialed by ICF International coaching Federation The coaches took a certified coach training and follow ICF core competencies. They have a directory of coaches.

My criteria

Self-development oriented
I’ve read few self developments books. I wanted to experiment and apply the concepts from self-help books. I needed my coach to be aligned with the concepts and ideas in the books. In France, coaches are often NLP practitioners or use transactional analysis. I don’t understand the benefit of those tools. I met a coach who advised me to stop reading self help books because I was over thinking according to her.

Get to know my coach
It was important that I know my coach before I contact them. I visited their blog/website and read through the blog to understand why they came to coaching. It was a way to get to know him/her better, to understand his/her style and see if it could fit me. Choose the life coach who makes you feel comfortable, it’s all about feeling. I am a passionate person. I need someone passionate by coaching, someone who is perfectly professional. I was craving for a passionate coach who truly believes in self-development and in coaching.

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