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I’m the ugly duckling who becomes a swan


ugly duckling becomes a swan

What I’m sharing today, I wrote in one breath on the 21st of October during my morning pages. I didn’t expect it to be so inspired. Words were flowing out. My throat was tight, my cheeks were warm, I could feel it in my whole body. My soul was all lighted up.

I was looking for my life purpose. I was looking for a more meaningful life and then I received this wonderful text. I was maybe channeling something higher than me. This text is about me but it is about each of us too. About our dreams, about what we want to bring to the world…
This text carries such a tremendous energy that every time I read it, it touches my heart and I cry.

I haven’t shared my story yet. It’s my first confession about who I am, where I’m from, who I became and who I want to be. I wasn’t born a life coach. No, it has always been easy in my life. I wasn’t much supported. I haven’t always had a supporting and loving family. But I overcame my struggles. I’ve grown and learned a lot. As of today, I want to help and inspire others.

It is not easy for me to write and put words on my emotions. Often times, words are stuck and won’t express. I dare express it today.
I didn’t change the text. It came from my mind and my heart.

What is my life purpose ?

I’m the ugly duckling who becomes a swan
The one who is among all the conversations
The one whom everybody thinks is wasting her life
The one who brings light
The one who is different
The one who dares and opens doors
The one who loves people who criticize her
The one who forgives and shows the path Continue Reading