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How did I wake up from sleepwalking


decision to change my life


What do I mean by sleepwalking ? I don’t actually sleepwalk at night. :-p
It’s a reference to that excellent post from Personal Excellence. When I read, it stroke me. I encourage you to read it. Really !

The sleepwalkers are people who are not actively pursuing their dreams and their life purpose, who don’t have a clarity about the direction to give to their life.
How to spot if you are sleepwalker :

Me, sleepwalking

For a long time, I was complaining about my work, about the fact that I had no exciting activities on weekends, about my unfulfilling friendships. But I did nothing to improve it. At work, I was executing the same meaningless task on a daily basis. I couldn’t imagine myself 5 or 10 years from now in the same career. After work, I was either stuck in my couch watching TV/drama or either going out drinking/partying or surfing on the web for long hours till 2 AM every night. Despite the fact that my job was boring and non-motivating I was working a lot to achieve the goals that were set for me. In the end of 2012, my team went through some very stressing and intense months. My manager was very satisfied with my job and I even had a bonus for my great achievements.

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