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Outil de développement personnel

Outil de développement personnel

How to find your core values

Core values cloud

Core values cloud

What are your core values?

Core values are what is important to you, what you stand for and what gives you purpose in life.
Your values are unique to you. They are true to who you really are. You are already living by them and they are encoded in your life. Your core values and your life purpose are like your north on your internal compass. They guide you in the right direction.
Values are not moral, what you would like to have and not what you aspire.

Core values come from:
– Your upbringing,
– Your parents,
– Your social and cultural environment,
– Your family history,
– Your life experiences,
– Everything that reflects who you are.

Why it is important to be aware of your core values?

Your core values give a direction and guidance in your life. They help you make better choices, prioritize your projects and focus on what is important to you.

Once you will be aware of your values, you will be one step ahead to find your life purpose.You will understand yourself much better and why you make certain decisions in your life.

Living by your core values and being aligned with them bring you a sense of rightness and purpose. You feel energized, fulfilled and fully alive. You are at your best when you fully live your core values
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Outil de développement personnel

Morning Pages

Morning Pages


In the beginning of my self development process I wanted to embrace my creativity and the artist living within me . A coach advised me the book the Artist Way from Julia Cameron. The main topic of the book is morning pages.

What are morning pages?

The exercise is to write first thing in the morning 3 pages longhand during 30 minutes . That’s it. It’s simple. You write everything that goes through your mind without holding yourself back. If you want to write “the wall is white”, just write it. The pages are not to be read to anyone or even yourself. Let go of your fears, don’t be scared to be judged, don’t bother to sound good. It doesn’t have to be meaningful. Write down your thoughts and put the words on paper.

How does it work?

When you have thoughts in your brain, they vanish as suddenly as they appear It is not easy to make constructive thinking. We are easily interrupted by some external factors. With morning pages what you write is not just endless words in your head anymore but they exist on a sheet of paper. It allows you to read your life, your opinion and what’s been spinning around in your head but you didn’t pay much attention to it before. Those thoughts are hints that may reveal what you want, who you are and your needs. Haven’t you notice that sometimes you feel blocked with a problem and as soon as you write the problem down, you gain more clarity?

“Morning pages leave no corner of our life unexamined. Our dreams, our hopes, our disappointments, our pains(…). A day at at a time. A page at a time, an issue at a time, we become intimate with ourselves.”
“We connect to our emotions and our intuitions”. – Julia Cameron

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What are your strengths?



Here is a short post to introduce you a useful personality test. In my process of self discovery, I’ve found the test called StrengthsFinder which is used by Facebook and other major companies in their recruitment process.

Usually recruiter asks “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” I’ve always had troubles to discover my strengths. It was not easy for me to answer. I’ve seen many people struggling with it. I was giving random strengths that are suitable in a corporate environment like “I have high expectations, I am serious and well organized”. I believed these were my strengths. But now that I know myself much better. To tell you the truth, I’m not that much organized or serious. I was forcing myself to adopt corporate behaviour.

StrengthsFinder test helps you to discover your strengths that can be used in your corporate life.
The results show your top 5 strength with some tips about how to maximize them in the corporate world. The tips are interesting because some strengths are more valuable in some positions or circumstances. For example, their advice for highly optimistic people is to work close to customers to influence them in a positive way or to use their strengths to set a high mood and a positive attitude in groups.

My Strengths

My results were:
– Optimism (94%)
– Faith (94%)
– Curiosity (94%)
– Salesmanship (88%)
– Innovation (88%)

When I discovered my strength, I thought: Optimism! What kind of a strength is that ?? It’s not an asset.” . I feel that people often react the same way, because they get used to live with their strengths to the point they are not conscious about them anymore. One of my colleagues told me that she would really like to have optimism as her strength. She wouldn’t be so gloomy then all the time.

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How to keep your new year’s resolutions

new year resolution


Happy New Year, everyone!

A new year is always a chance to do better than the previous year, to take on new challenges, to find new opportunities and to make some new resolutions. I often hear people saying that they don’t make new year’s resolutions but still they keep hoping for a better job, a better health, better relationships or simply a better life.

Choose your resolutions wisely
Picking few resolutions is better than many small where you would lose track of them. Prefer a resolution that would bring important and significant benefits in your life, something that really matters to you.

Choose a resolution to improve your life
Make the changes for your sake, to feel better, to respond an internal need. Don’t make changes because people wants/advise you to. Those kind of changes don’t stick and the chances of failure are much more important. Put your needs first. If people tell you to lose weight, to get a better job, I don’t tell you to not listen to them but take a resolution if you feel it is right for you.

Give up the “Should”
Don’t formulate your resolution in terms “I should….”. When you say “should” it’s already something that you don’t want to do. It’s hard for me to imagine myself committing to such a goal. I feel unmotivated and disempowered facing a “should”. It sounds like something you didn’t choose and people imposed it to you. Take the responsibility of your resolution. Formulate your resolution in an uplifting way, make them positive, fun, fulfilling, challenging or whatever that is more inspiring you.
I should lose 10 kilos => I want to be healthy and eat healthier
I should sleep earlier => I want to have more energy to achieve my goals
I should learn Japanese => I want to discover and have a better understanding of Japanese culture

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Wheel of life : assess your life in 30 minutes


Yesterday, my friend Allison told me that the story of my self development inspired her. She wanted to know herself better. But she didn’t know where to begin. It is not easy to make the first step. Her request made me think. So where to begin?

Wheel of life

How about doing an easy exercise to assess your life ?! I did this exercice myself. It was amazing to have such a quick and visual overview of my life.
It’s a powerful coaching tool that is often used in the beginning of coaching to help a person to have a clear view of their life.

How does it work ?

First, you choose at least 8 areas of your life you want to assess ( popular areas are in bold):
– Relationships
– Business
Personal development
– Spirituality
– Education
– Wellness
– Sports
– Contribution
– Community
– Recreation
– Self-image

It is up to you to put any other area that is important to you. Everybody is different after all 🙂

1. Take a sheet of paper and draw a circle. From the center, draw as many lines as the number of areas you choose. If you choose 8 areas, it should look like this.
Wheel of Life

2. Rate your level of satisfaction on a scale of zero to ten for each area of your life. Zero means not satisfied at all, ten means highly satisfied.
3. Mark on the life wheel each score and connect them. It should look like a web. The wheel shows how balanced and how satisfied you are about your life.
4. Rank each area according to their importance

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Who is going to be your future self ?

future self


Have you ever wanted to travel in time? No, my blog is not taking a new turn. My point is not to talk about science fiction haha.
It’s a tempting idea to travel in the future or in the past. I would want to travel to the
future and discover who I will become or go back to the past and tell my young self some piece of advice but I would be too afraid to change my own future.

Going to the past

I have a tendency to see the cup half empty. I’m often frustrated because things are not done yet, I don’t have enough or I am simply not good enough. Going to the past would allow me to see how much I’ve changed and I would see how far I’ve reached today.
Actually, I don’t have to travel in the past to realize all that. My memories are enough :).

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Personality Tests – MBTI (1/2)

MBTI personality test


Who hasn’t done any personality test ? Everyone has done it at least once in their life in those magazines for girls compound of 10 light and funny questions to discover what type of lover you are 🙂 In France, those magazine are in every doctor’s waiting room. You can’t miss it. Even guys have done them.

The principles of the personality tests such as MBTI, enneagram, golden, true colors are more or less similar to the test in magazines except that the questions and the answers are less fun.

Those tests are used in leadership classes, in recruitment, “Bilan de competence” in France or simply to know your personality type. To obtain reliable results, the most difficult is to give answers in general case.

I really like MBTI. The results are very precise (as long as you give answers that reflect yourselves truly) and it is easy to find some free online tests. MBTI is very popular. The results are weird acronyms like ENTJ, ESTJ, ENFP, ISFP etc. They match personality types such as : executives, guardian, inspirer, artists…

In the United States, people are more familiar with MBTI. Almost everybody uses the acronyms like common names (go check on Twitter and look for any acronym given as an example.)
The descriptions for each type are very complete and neat. They cover: general personality, strength/weakness, relationship and career paths.

I took the MBTI test in my leadership class. I have a strong memory of that test because I learned a lot about my personality. My result was ESFJ “the provider”. It is a type who likes to take care of people and to make sure that people are well

Extravert / Introvert
Sensing / iNtuitive
Feeling / Thinking
Judging / Perception

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Bye bye television


To reduce my procrastination time, last April I’ve decided to switch off my TV and put it in the closet. Every day, I was watching movies or reality shows. As soon as I arrived home, the first thing I did was to switch on the TV.
What you see and experience shapes your brain like what you eat and drink shapes your body. I don’t want to be stupid and lazy by watching over and over the same people mocking one another on TV. Self-development books always advise you to shut down your TV to reclaim the time you waste watching it. We are easily caught up by a movie and anything on TV. I don’t say everything is silly and isn’t worth watching. But you can choose a program to watch and after turn off the TV and not let it on by default.
It has been 6 months now that my TV is stored in my closet. I feel great not watching it. I don’t miss it. I don’t watch news. People are sometimes surprised about how ignorant I’m about events in the world. I don’t feel the need to be aware of it.

You may wonder what I do instead of watching TV. In the beginning, I was watching Korean dramas and American TV shows online. OK, not much better :p but at least I was choosing consciously what I wanted to watch. With the TV, I was watching whatever was the least uninteresting…. Hum hum.
I began to read self-development posts, tweet about self-development, write my blog etc. Switching off the TV freed me and gave me some time to experience what I really enjoy doing. Now, my self-development journey takes more and more space in my life. And I’m loving it!

I (re)discovered an extremely interesting website.
TED Talks !!! Tada 🙂

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