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My name is Anna Chen, I am a Life coach based in Paris and the founder of https://www.dowhatyoulove.fr/.

In the past, I chose a career because I needed a secure and a well-paid job. But I was yearning to be more fulfilled: to have a work and a life that would put a smile on my face every morning. Few months ago, I began my self development process with a life coach to find my dream job and my passions.

I discovered that my passions were inspirational writing, blogging and my perfect job would be life coaching and inspirational blogging.

I have this crazy idea that we can make our passion our job, succeed by being our true self and make our dreams come true. I want to share this idea with others.

I want to inspire and touch people to help them to find their true selves, their dreams and their passion. I want to help people to achieve an incredible life that they would be proud to tell their grandchildren when they are old. This is how I see my job as a life coach.

Currently, I am taking a life coaching training in iPec, one of the best life coaching programs in the world – accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation).

Check out my old About Page before my self development


  • Reply Cath 03/03/2015 at 11:36

    C’est génial de tout lâcher pour faire ce qu’en veut vraiment. Perso j’ai arrêté mes études futiles que je faisais pour rien afin de travailler pour économiser et réaliser mon rêve: Ouvrir un salon de thé.

    J’espère que ça marche comme tu veux 😀

  • Reply Anna 03/03/2015 at 11:44

    Hello Cath, Je suis en train de tout lâcher. C’est en cours. J’ai envie de sauter dans le grand bain :).
    C’est cool un salon de thé. Cette idée m’avait traversé la tête étant moi même une grande fan de thé.

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