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[Testimonial] Noelle, 25, marvelous and happy


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I haven’t post any article the last month to focus on building my website and my coaching practice.
Today, my first post is not from me. I’ve never given my pen to someone else on my blog before. I’ve requested some testimonials from my coachee. Noelle wrote me more than a testimonial. It is not easy to open your heart. So I want to thank Noelle for being so open to share her story, her struggles and her wins.
The best gift that I can ever receive from a coachee is when they break through their issues and beliefs and when they turn on their light to inspire others.

To You,
Dear Anna, dear All,

You know, sometimes in your life, you feel surrounded by (tough) events, events created by (tough) situations, situations created by your feelings about it. I will not put “tough” before feelings, as I don’t think there are tough emotions, it is more about intensity. At the end, the marvelous space and time effect make you conscious that when you feel intensely these emotions, you are just alive. One sometimes sees life as a circle. I would add that you should never forget that you are the center of this circle, and that nobody really settles the limits but you.

Well, back from when I met Anna, I was going through real and intense feelings, feeling trapped into negativity because I felt like my entire happiness basis were collapsing. From another point of view, I guess that was because the basis were not the right ones. I was focused on my professional and personal difficulties, but not on the solutions. Then, Anna arrived in my life, like every people I met comes into it: with laugh.

A really good friend of mine (and of hers) told me about her life changing project: help people to find how they could live happier. He advised me to tell her my story as he knew I was trapped and needed some help to build my own escape.
Anna was so happy to talk about her project, and her happiness was contagious. I thought: “Why not for me also? Can I be as happy with my life as she is?”

The answer was obviously yes for her, and when I think back about this, I know this was in fact the only possible answer.
Yes, you should always be happy with your life, not because it is short, not because it is a gift, not because it is what you have to do, but because this is at the end what you really want.

Helping you to reach your goals, this is what Anna does with her new life choice now. She helps you define (and not find, because in fact you already find them, but maybe to afraid to admit it) your life goals, give you some keys to fight through your fears, give you advices to help you find the other keys by yourself.

By yourself is a real key to your success in happiness. I understood thanks to her that your feelings are only yours, they may be influenced by others, but only because you humanly let them influence you. I learnt that when you love yourself first, you do things for yourself first, you will be able to be happy by yourself.

I really want to thank Anna for reminding me every day that I’m a marvelous person, and teaching me how to remind myself that by myself, giving me some keys to be happy with myself, so that I can be happy with you.

Dear All, I will finish my text ending its loop, like a final point that could remind the center of the circle, don’t forget that the very first key to happiness, is You.

Noelle, 25, a marvelous and happy person

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  • Reply Alina Mekelburg 08/08/2015 at 23:48

    What a wonderful experience. Reading this causing Goosebumps. Anna, I wish you that you touch the hearts of many more in this beautiful way.

    • Reply Anna Chen 09/08/2015 at 12:37

      Thank you Alina !! Yeahh it’s a wonderful experience 💖

  • Reply Alina Mekelburg 09/08/2015 at 00:01

    Reblogged this on Alina Mekelburg and commented:
    The Power of Coaching – Happiness comes from honoring your true values

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