Overcoming the fear to change my job


fear to change job
For a long time I couldn’t make up my mind to move, change my job and change my life because I was afraid that I would lose my financial stability. This fear didn’t let me go until I thought it through.
To find my ideal job, first I’ve discovered myself, my passions and my dreams. Then, I finally admitted and understood that I wanted to become a life coach. I took action: I found and subscribed to my life coach training program last January. I will graduate in September. My plan was to quit my job after graduation.

Confronting my fear

By changing my job, I risk a lot: I lose my safe paycheck at the end of the month, my safe environment and my retirement plan (it sounds funny for me who could not plan anything a year ahead before, thinking about retirement). I have to make my way in a new career that I don’t know. I have to learn everything from the beginning. My engineering diploma, my resume, my past work experience… It took me years before having flourishing career, everything I have learned so far is no longer useful.

The fear of not being able to sustain in my new career was holding me back. With my current job in IT, I have my salary credited on my bank account monthly. But once I finish my training program and quit, what would happen? What if it doesn’t work? What if I can’t find any clients? What if….?
I could not ignore the risks. When I talk about it to my friends, the first questions they ask me are « How will you find your clients? » or « What if you don’t find any? ».
I was blinded by my fear. I didn’t even imagine how it would be once I quit my job. My fears suggested the worst scenarios: I end up living in the streets.

So I asked myself, what would REALLY happen in the worst case scenario?
– I don’t have enough client,
– I have no money,
– My business doesn’t work.
Pretty bad situation…
So now let’s imagine the worst case scenario happened. Having in mind my story, who I am and how I reacted before, what would I do?

Everything you want is on the other side of fear – Jack Canfield

Resilient and fully committed

Knowing myself, I would try everything and never give up before I obtain the expected result: being a life coach. I wouldn’t let the worst happen. I would use all my savings, take a job, make some savings again and continue until I finally make it. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get a job in Information technology since I have fairly good work experience and a high level diploma. I would fight, I would try everything to make it work, use up every possibility, hire a consultant, a coach to help. I wouldn’t give up. I never give up.

I am not telling myself: « I’ll just try. Let’s see what happens. If it works, it’s cool. » There’s no escaping doors. It’s not optional. It will work, just have to found out how and I will :). I play it full out. I strongly believe I will become a life coach. It is my passion. This is who I am.

I will build everything from zero to become a life coach. I let go my current job to finally invest all my energy to build my dream. It might take a lot of time, it may be hard and it can take all my money and all my energy but I’ll do it. It’s worth it. I am not quitting on my dream. Never quit pursuing my dream. Whatever happens, I will make it work. I’m writing a new chapter of my life.

Despite the fear

Yes it is totally scary. It’s normal to feel scared. Switching from corporate world to being a full time life coach is an important change. After I’ve confronted my fear, I’ve realized that it was not so scary after all. I can make a move to change my career. I haven’t figured out everything yet but I will fight and work hard. The fear didn’t disappear but it doesn’t hold me back anymore. I feel much more confident about my project to become a life coach. No excuses, no fear will prevent me from achieving my goal. Not now, not when I can see, now I know what I want. I can’t let it go. I can’t let my fear stop me. I’ve gone through much more difficult times in my life.

Start over

One month ago, I have announced my company that I’m quitting. This is it. It is my new beginning. I am starting life over. I want more: a job that I love, a passionate and fulfilling life and live my dream.
This time, I make a fully conscious choice to pursue my dream. I am no longer pushed by the desire to fit in but by the will to make my dream come true. There will be high and low moments, moments of bliss and moments of doubts. It’s an adventure. I will never quit until I achieve my goal: Becoming a successful life coach. I gather all my courage to build my dreams one day at the time.
Stay focus, Stay a dreamer, actively pursue my dream. Never give up. Never surrender.

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