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creating my life


Building a safe place

I’ve organized my life to prepare myself in case if things would go wrong. I made my life a secure place with a well-paid job in an industry that hires a lot so I won’t have to worry about being unemployed. I’ve prepared myself to resist in difficult moments. I’ve created my bunker to protect myself from what can occur in my life. Of course, once I’ve found that secure place I was yearning for a life full of meaning and passion. I was expecting a change and something that would free myself from this lethargic life where each day seemed so similar to the hundred previous ones. My life seemed like a boat that would go through life with a minimal chance to sink in poverty or shame. This boat would have led boringly to the end of my life not having experienced some exciting days.

Waiting for the extraordinary life

I was hoping that something would happen to my life, that I would meet someone who would somehow reveal my unique talent. My life would tremendously change. But of course, it never happened. Nobody appeared and saved me from my own life. There was no god intervention to help me and put me in the spot light. I was waiting for some better days to arrive. I was hoping for a passionate life with amazing friends, amazing experiences… Life is not like a lottery. It’s not about waiting for the luck to come ring at your door. There are too many fairy tales where the princess is just waiting for a prince on his white horse to save her. The princess has nothing to do to make it happen. If you’re waiting to be saved by a prince or to win the lottery, you may wait for a long time.

Creating my life

I’ve had the ability to make my world a secure place. I’ve proven by in the past that I can control my life. Then it means, I have also the ability to make my world a great and an amazing place if I want to. My new world will not be driven by my need of security but by my need of passion, meaning and happiness. I can create my own world, my own life. I am a resourceful person. I’ve had a such disempowered view of my life that I have to wait for the opportunity to come to me. Actually, I can create my opportunities. I am the only one who decides what I want to do with my life. I want to design each bit of it. If my ideal life is about only working 2 days a weeks because I don’t want to be slave to the 5 to 7 days . It’s possible ! (some other did it. why not me?) It’s my life. If I want to spend my ideal life only traveling and dancing I can if I want !!

You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. – Charlie Chaplin

Hero of the book of my life

I love reading books about people who are able to go beyond the condition and their social situation. They fought against the destiny against all odds. So I wondered, if my life were a book, what kind of character I would be? I don’t want to be a secondary character for sure ! I want to be the hero of the book of my life. I want to fight and overcome the difficulties to make my life an amazing and exciting adventure.
I don’t want to read books where the main characters are sitting in their couch and living through a passive life. I want a bold, resilient and courageous hero. A hero that deserves the fame and success because he would have to work for it. This is how I want to live. I want to be the captain of my boat and decide where my boat would float. I want to design my life. I’m done with my passive behavior. I will take action and rock my world. I can make it happen. That’s the beauty of it! Anything I want.

Make the shift : take actions and make it happen

Life is what you make out of it. It’s the conscious action you take that makes your life the dream. I finally understood that I had to take a full responsibility for my life. Everyday you are given an opportunity to make a difference, to make your life an extraordinary adventure. You can take the responsibility for your life. I felt I owe I myself to be happy and to reach my dreams.
We all live only once (unless proven contrary). Let’s make our time on earth the best out of it and enjoy ! You have the power to make yourself happy. Everyone is the master of his life. Don’t let your attitude holding you back in achieving your dreams.

It’s happening

It took me 30 years of my life, 5 years in the corporate world and my health before I had the courage to make it happen.
My boat is floating towards my dreams since I’ve begun my self development process. I’ve decided to take a life coach, to find who I am and what I want. I’m in the process of becoming who I want to be. I want to inspire and help others to have a better life. I’ve just subscribed to my life coaching training class. I took a responsibility for my life in the end of August 2014 and now 5 months after. I’m on the right path. I’m not waiting anymore but I’m actively building my happy life 🙂

It’s up to you to make your life a misery or a dream. And you what are you waiting for?
My life is not what happens to me but it’s what I make it happen.

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