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How to keep your new year’s resolutions

new year resolution


Happy New Year, everyone!

A new year is always a chance to do better than the previous year, to take on new challenges, to find new opportunities and to make some new resolutions. I often hear people saying that they don’t make new year’s resolutions but still they keep hoping for a better job, a better health, better relationships or simply a better life.

Choose your resolutions wisely
Picking few resolutions is better than many small where you would lose track of them. Prefer a resolution that would bring important and significant benefits in your life, something that really matters to you.

Choose a resolution to improve your life
Make the changes for your sake, to feel better, to respond an internal need. Don’t make changes because people wants/advise you to. Those kind of changes don’t stick and the chances of failure are much more important. Put your needs first. If people tell you to lose weight, to get a better job, I don’t tell you to not listen to them but take a resolution if you feel it is right for you.

Give up the “Should”
Don’t formulate your resolution in terms “I should….”. When you say “should” it’s already something that you don’t want to do. It’s hard for me to imagine myself committing to such a goal. I feel unmotivated and disempowered facing a “should”. It sounds like something you didn’t choose and people imposed it to you. Take the responsibility of your resolution. Formulate your resolution in an uplifting way, make them positive, fun, fulfilling, challenging or whatever that is more inspiring you.
I should lose 10 kilos => I want to be healthy and eat healthier
I should sleep earlier => I want to have more energy to achieve my goals
I should learn Japanese => I want to discover and have a better understanding of Japanese culture

Get creative
Become creative in your actions. If you stick on a single solution for a resolution, it is very easy to get bored. If your solution to eating healthy is to eat salad for every meal, anybody would stop after one week. If you add a pinch of creativity, you can eat as many fruits as you want, go to a supermarket and try fruits you have never tried before, mix various vegetables and make a soup or a smoothie, contact your vegetarian friend and let him show you some of his best recipe, ask a friend to help you with this resolution as well, Try that new self defense you heard and so on.

Resolution in actions
If you want to build a company, it is not simply by wishing it in the beginning of the year that you’ll have an up and prosperous company in the end of the year. Take the steps to make your ideas/dreams/resolution a reality by taking concrete actions. Draw up an action plan as detailed as possible. Set up clear goals and deadlines, prioritize and choose challenging actions.

Track your progress
Keep the track of your progress. It’s always rewarding to see the kilos lost/number of days you went to gym/the move saved. Anytime you are feeling lost and discouraged, remember time before taking actions and observe your progress. It helps to see the cup half full and remind you all the efforts you produced to reach your current state.

Enjoy the process
Keep in mind that you are doing it for yourself, always remember why you want to achieve your goal, you want to improve your life, be happy, feel better in you body. By putting effort in keeping your resolution, you are becoming a better person everyday.

Keep faith
Whatever you do in life, always believe, you’ll reach your goals. Trust yourself, you’re the builder of your life. My motto is “I always get what I want as long I as I truly want it.”. It has never let me down. Whenever I feel stuck, I remind myself I know that I’ll get it. It always turns out great. It’s up to me to want the right thing and want it hard enough ;). It’s my own way of applying the law of attraction. Whatever your goals are don’t let them down as long as they are meaningful to you.

The new year brings such energy in us to become better. Let’s take this opportunity to rise and shine brighter.
Take the resolutions creatively, live your resolution by taking actions, don’t leave them in a corner of your head and be disappointed at the end of the year because they didn’t work. Resolutions work only if they become actions.

My resolution

This year’s resolution is to quit my job.
My actions plan is to take a training class to become a life coach, gain experience by coaching people, writing in my blog and grow more mature and wiser to be the best coach.
My life coach asked me to write down my action plan for 2015 in details quarter after quarter and then refine it month after month.

I feel extremely motivated in achieving all my goals. I think I had the resolution to quit my job last year and previous year but since I didn’t have any action plan it just remained a resolution that enters the category “resolutions don’t work”.

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