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Who is going to be your future self ?

future self


Have you ever wanted to travel in time? No, my blog is not taking a new turn. My point is not to talk about science fiction haha.
It’s a tempting idea to travel in the future or in the past. I would want to travel to the
future and discover who I will become or go back to the past and tell my young self some piece of advice but I would be too afraid to change my own future.

Going to the past

I have a tendency to see the cup half empty. I’m often frustrated because things are not done yet, I don’t have enough or I am simply not good enough. Going to the past would allow me to see how much I’ve changed and I would see how far I’ve reached today.
Actually, I don’t have to travel in the past to realize all that. My memories are enough :).

I don’t want to change my past because it made me who I am today. I am happy with my present life, I am happy with what I’ve become and I have done so far. I’ve been able to learn from my past and all the hardship I’ve been through. My life had changed so much. In a way, I would have never imagined it to be possible.

Going to the future

I’ve always been fascinated by movies about travelling in time such as :
About Time
Butterfly Effect
The Time Traveler’s Wife
Back to the Future

In those movies, the key point is that any action can possibly affect the future. It is fascinating. They demonstrate how a simple action can create a different future. So who we are in the present has been built by the choice we’ve made in the past, right?
How about applying this idea to the future? It means we can build our future with the choice we are making today.
Are you going to finally quit your job? Are you going to sign up for gym and reclaim your health? Are you going to quit smoking? Are going home earlier to spend time with your children? Who do you want to become? What is the choice that will shape your future?

 Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

I want to find my path and find the energy to quit my job. I took this decision and it is going to shape my future. I am sure of that. If I could travel in the future, I might see myself thriving in my new career and being finally fulfilled thanks to this decision.

3 years ago, I used futureme.org to send an email to my future self. I received the mail 3 days ago. I felt so delighted when I received that email. I didn’t write anything deep but I had some hopes. When I read the words from my old me, it felt kind of magical. Even if technically, there’s nothing magical… hahaha. But the meaning and the sense that email carries are special to me.
So here’s my question to you: What do you want to tell to your future self? What promise, what message, what memory you want your future self to remember or to carry on?
I’ve decided to send 3 other emails in the future at some different random dates. Let’s see how my future self will react to that 🙂

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